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Mothra is basically your average Tamagotchi. It has all the standard functions of a Tamagotchi (health meter, food, snacks, one game, discipline, medicine, light). I would say it is an easy going virtual pet in terms of difficulty raising it, and the game is pretty much identical to Gengintchi game. It is a special edition Tamagotchi because it is based on the Japanese Mothra movie and comes in only 3 shells. The white with blue design shell is the most common. The white with green design (pictured below) is slightly more rare, but not as rare as the third shell, the translucent blue with light blue design, which is considered to be one of the rarest Tamagotchi shells ever produced. All of the characters are sort of bug-themed, much like the Morino Tamagotchi. When it hatches, there is only one possible egg choice (unlike Morino). One of the greatest things about this Tamagotchi is that it has a secret character that turns out to be Godzilla. I used to be uninterested in this Tamagotchi, but I decided that I should at least own it for collection purposes. After running it I decided it had a certain charm and it is now one of my favorite vintage virtual pets. I would highly recommend owning this Tamagotchi and you should get it while you can because the price is steadily increasing. If you can only afford the white with blue design then at least get that so you have it in your collection.

Here are some pictures of the one I own:


I got mine for about $43 because I had a coupon. They typically go for $40-50ish. Like I said, they are steadily increasing in price, to get them while you can. If you can find a decent one in package for under $40 then count yourself lucky :)

Growth Chart:

Chart curtesy of via
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NOTE: I sold this one awhile back, so if you have questions I can't guarantee I can help you, but feel free to ask anyway :)

Kadar Babies 2-in-1 is a very misleading name. It is basically a rip-off of a vintage Tamagotchi P1, except the animations are ever so slightly different. It basically has all the same functions of a P1, and the shell is extremely cheap. It doesn't seem to have a pause feature. Another misleading fact about the name... there is nothing "2-in-1" about this pet as far as I can tell. It seems to just be a regular pet, not a multi-pet in any way shape or form, but maybe I need to fool around with it more to see for sure. I raised it one time before I decided to put it away. It is kind of nifty how it is a watch though, so there are some benefits. I personally wouldn't recommend getting this pet *shrug*. I give it a 3 out of 10 for being a complete rip-off, but doubling as a watch. I don't know if there are any other shells of this one out there, or if there are Kadar Babies that come with different programming.

Here are some pictures of the one I have:


This pet is being sold for $35, but I made an offer and the seller accepted $25. Still a waste of money considering it's a rip-off.

Growth Chart:

Just look at any typical Tamagotchi P1 growth chart to get an idea.
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So my collection has actually grown by leaps and bounds since I posted the first group photos over a year or two ago. I took some updated photos earlier this year and haven't gotten many Tamagotchis since then so I would say these photos are way more up to date. Here you go:

English language Tamas:

~As you can see, quite a few have been added since my last collection update. In order of appearance from top left to right:

* Special edition 1997 Hong Kong New Year red Tamagotchi P1. Got this on eBay for about $50ish. Quite worth the money :) The shell is so unique and beautiful.

* My second Tamagotchi that I ever owned, yellow P2. My grandpa bought this for me for my birthday, may he Rest In Peace.

* 5 American Tamagotchi Angels (one yellow one is broken, but that was my first ever Tamagotchi that I ever owned). The broken one was bought for me by my mom when I was in middle school. The rest I bought on eBay over the years for varying prices.

* Two Version 1 Digimon, both bought for me by my mother at KD Toys before that company closed. They were only $4 each!

~In the second row from left to right:

* translucent pink P1 from Europe. I got this for the great price of $20 from a collector who was getting rid of a large portion of their collection at very great prices.

* Silver P2 from Europe, also from the same seller for $20 on eBay.

* 3 European Angelgotchis from the same seller for $20 each. I missed out on the yellow one sadly. Those got bought fast! I hope I can get the yellow someday.

* Two angels without packages, one was my sisters and she gave it to me and the other I bought on eBay for $10. I dropped the pink one in water, so I took the screen out of the eBay one and put it in the Pink and now it is fully functional with a prettier shell than the white :)

~In the third row from left to right:

* Two V1s without packages. The orange one doesn't connect because that feature was broken when I got it, but it can still have a baby from the Matchmaker so it is essentially almost fully functional. I bought the blue one after finding that the orange was broken. They were both only about $5 each on eBay at the time :)

* One American Mini-Tamagotchi. I only played with it once. It was about $15 on eBay. Maybe I'll start it up again someday.

* Two V2s, one blue Candy design and the other Milky White with pink hearts :D The Milky White is my absolute favorite Tamagotchi of all time. The Blue candy is the first Connection Tamagotchi that I ever owned, which my mom bought me as a present for my choir concert in 2005.

* One Starry Constellation V3. I bought it at Target for about $15.

* One Glow-In-The-Dark V4, bought from Toys R Us.

~In the fourth and final row from left to right:

* One globe design V4.5 with microphone dock, CD, figurines and mousepad! I got it for only $15 at either Target or Kmart I think.

* One white cityscape V5 from either Target or Kmart. My friend Thomas got the pink one :D

* One blue cityscape V6 Music Star from Toys R Us.

* One white Tamago with Kuchipatchi figurine from Toys R Us for $25. Pretty expensive.

That's it for my English Tamas. Now here are my Japanese Tamagotchis!

~In the top row from left to right:

* Three Keitai Tamagotchi, transluscent soda pop, light blue diamond, and pink Strawberry designs :) I got all of them on eBay but the pink one did not come with a package. It is in mind condition though and came with instructions. I would say it is my second favorite design of all time next to the Milky White V2.

* One Toys R Us special edition lime green Akai with Home Decka Tamagotchi. They came together in an auction that I won on eBay.

* Four unpckaged Tamagotchis: one green-yellow swirl Entama, one Hanerutchi 2, and two Uratamas. I got all of these used on eBay for very reasonable prices.

* Above that is my yellow Odenkun which I got on eBay for about $20. Definitely a cute design.

* My first Uratama, the pink party design :D got it on eBay when it first came out.

* A Famatama from the same seller as the two out of package Uras and the out of package Entama.

* One sparkly snowflake Nano Tamagotchi (the second edition of the Chibi). I don't have the Chibi (which is the Japanese version of the Mini). Got this on eBay.

* One pink Famatama with CD/DVD game. I'm not sure how the CD/DVD works since its all in Japanese. Also, from eBay.

* One turquoise TMGC+Color. Got it on eBay when it first came out.

* One blue Tamagotchi ID L-e. It is in English even though this is a picture of my Japanese Tamagotchis, but I figured it looked better if I included it in this photo instead. Got this from TheRoyalBanana on :D

* One special edition 15th anniversary Pink ID L. Probably one of my favorite Tamagotchis of all time. I love the games.

~In the second row from left to right:

* One orange P1, from Jason's Store on eBay. Only $17.

* One milky white P2, from another seller on eBay.

* One translucent green P2 (other version). One version has the Puchitchi and the other has Nyanchi. Also from eBay.

* Four Angelgotchis, all the colors (Gold, Pink, White, Blue). Yes, the gold one is a different shade from the white one. It is very rare. I was lucky to get it. All of these came from eBay. I used to have another white one, but I gave it to my little sister.

~In the third row from left to right:

* Two Morino tamagotchis, my two favorite designs of the white and the yellow with vines, both bought on eBay.

* Three pairs of Osu-Mesu connection tamagotchis. The transluscent orange and green ones I got on eBay in two separate auctions that I won. The white orange and green ones I got from a seller on, and the blue and pink ones I bought on eBay as a set years ago.

~In the last row from left to right:

* One Genjintchi (Cave Man), bought on eBay.

* One transluscent waves Umino that my dad bought for me on eBay many years ago.

* One black Devilgotchi that I snagged for the awesome price of $99 on eBay from Jason's Store back in the day when rare Tamas were still reasonably priced.

* One white Sanaclautchi that I think I also snagged from Jason's store for only $100 back in the day.

That's it for the namebrand Tamagotchis. I will do another post of my Miscellaneous off-brand pets later today. Thanks for checking in!


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