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The Hanerutchi Keitai is a special edition of the Keitai, but it has all unique characters and games based on the Japanese sitcom You Knock on Jumping Door. I'm not sure what the show is about so I probably don't have much of an understanding of what is being referenced in this Tamagotchi, but it is actually very cute and I quite enjoy the games. It comes in three different shells: green+white, red+white and blue+pearlescent white. The blue-white pearlescent version is more rare. One of the cute things about it is that when you press the C button it shows a close up of the character's face and it is a more detailed rendition of the character, usually with some kind of Japanese text speech bubble. I highly recommend this Tamagotchi :)

Here are some pictures of the one I own:

I got mine for about $23 but they often go for around $25-35, sometimes more or less. It really depends on if you can find a deal and it fluctuates a lot. Since the blue is more rare it can go for a lot more.

Growth Chart:
I will post a growth chart when I find one.


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