tamagotchi: Compu Kitty stalking (Giga Pet)
This virtual pet is a little odd. On the surface it has the same shell as a common Akachan or MGA Dino, but it's guts are all nano. It is basically exactly like a Nano virtual pet with a nano puppy and a nano kitty. The only difference is that the animations are a teensy tiny bit different. For instance, the cat is white instead of black. I'm not sure who manufactured this virtual pet, but it is not a true Tata Puppy or Teetee Kitty. The cool thing is you can take care of them at the same time and I personally like the shell a lot better than the recent wave of nano shells that were produced around 2004-2005. I don't know if they come in different colors or what.

Here are some pictures of the one I own:


So I got this one used on ebay for about $18. Because it was used I'm not entirely sure what the package is supposed to look like. I've seen a few of the exact same one for the exact same price every now and again. Perhaps the seller has a lot they are selling or something. Grab it while you can because this is a steal in my opinion!

Growth chart and directions:

They should be the exact same as any Nano kitty or puppy :) Click on the animation above to be taken to a website with directions.


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