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Introducing the V6 connection Tamagotchi, also known as Tamagotchi Music Star! My friend and I decided to nickname this one "The Stressed Tama". Why? Well because apparently Bandai decided to add a new meter which indicates when the character is stressed out. So now not only do you have to worry about hunger and happiness, you also need to worry about keeping the stress down. Seems a little superfluous to me since there's already a happiness meter which indicates whether or not the tama is happy or unhappy *shrug*. In addition to the new meter, not only does the Tama get stressed, but we found ourselves getting stressed just playing with it. "Why?" you may be asking again. Well because there are just too many menus and options on this tama. Not only does your cahracter grow up and mate, it also forms a band, practices it's intrument, goes to music school, and actually has to get tested and graded O_O Whoever came up with the idea to send a Tamagotchi to school was crazy in my opinion. Kids have to endure school everyday as is, so what makes Bandai think that kids want to send their pets to school in the game too? We play with Tamagotchis because we want a vacation from school XD That's my opinion anyway lol

Not only did we find some of the stuff extremely hard to navigate because there were too many menus, the buttons were very unresponsive. We had heard this complaint from other people about the V6, but we bought the V6 anyway just to give it a fair shot. Unfortunately, the critics were right :( It usually takes me at least 2 tries to get a button to do anything on this Tamagotchi. That said, it's the same thing with the v4.5 that I have, so I've been able to put up with it in the past. Oh well.

The goal of this Tamagotchi is obviously to become a music star by practicing your instruments and practicing with the band members you meet in the music school. Admittedly, after fiddling around with the Tamagotchi I got used to some of the new features and I do kind of like some of it. Some menus are reorganised nicely (despite there being too many), Bandai brought back the original shop (just looks a little differently and your tamagotchi actually walks out the door to go shopping), and they also brought back the discipline and praise features, which I am happy about. The BIGGEST improvement in this version was the LACK OF ANTENNA. I was so relieved to see they finally got rid of the antenna on this version because aside from the v3 and Keitais, antennas really bug me and I think they look ugly. I can't say too many positive things about the shell designs sadly. I didn't really see any designs I liked, so I opted for the least ugly one (in my opinion anyway) *sigh*

Other notable things I liked: The screen of pixels extends all the way to both sides just like on the v5 :D I really like how the Tama has way more room to move around. You can adjust contrast like on the v5. Also, your tama doesnt get lonely on the screen because there are actually toys and instruments present at all times for him/her to play with. I thought that was a good idea and it was something I had been thinking about for a long time and wanted Bandai to add. I'm glad they read my thoughts on that feature. You can switch toys and instruments when you get new ones if you want. Super cute! There's also an actual trashcan feature. You could throw away stuff in the older versions too, but it was more difficult to do because the option was never expressly visible like on the v6. It actually gives you the option in the menu in this one.

Other stuff I didn't like: There are 3 games and they are kind of difficult :/ I like easy games that don't take too much practice or aren't too hard to figure out, but still super fun and challenging. Since response time on the buttons is awful, that made the games even more difficult to play. We're also thinking of calling the v6 "The Difficult, Stressed Tama" XD

Silly, silly Bandai *shakes head*

I give this version 3 and a half out of 5 Hitodetchis.

Here are some pictures of the one I currently own:


Got this one for $14.99+tax at Toys R Us. You can still buy them for about $17 on eBay right now, brand new in package :D Since its a relatively cheap Tamagotchi, despite all its drawbacks, I would suggest collecting it now before it gets expensive.

V6 Growth Chart

A chart can be found here at tama-zone.com ----> http://tama-zone.com/ar/t21193.htm


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