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The Angel Tamagotchi is one of the easier Tamas to take care of. It is said that it was made for all the children who were sad after their regular Tamagotchis died. They decided to make another version with the angel version so that the kids wouldn't feel bad. When you are done taking care of this Tamagotchi it goes back to heaven. It also has a sound and touch screen feature. Sometimes when your angel is eating a snack, a bat will come and try to steal the candy. If you tap the screen the bat will be scared away. If you do not tap the screen in time the bat will steal the candy and the training meter will go down. Tapping the screen also serves to train your angel by bringing your angel back when it decides to go on a walk and disappears from the screen or when it appears disoriented with stars floating around it. I give this Tamagotchi a 10 out of ten because it was way ahead of its time with the touch screen functions and its characters are some of the cutest, as well as having an awesomely cute shell design with cute colors, and being easy to take care of! Apparently, Bandai also made two versions of the pearl white Japanese Tamagotchi angel. The two versions vary in that one has a "butt" icon for the toilet feature, while the other has the standard duck icon. The "butt" Japanese Angelgotchi has icons similar to the American version except the toilet paper icon is replaced with a butt with wings, whereas the other Japanese Angelgotchi has the same icons as both the Pink and Blue Japanese versions, which are all similar to the original P1 and P2 Tamagotchis, except in a different order. The butt with wings icon can also be found as a toilet icon on the Devilgotchi.

Here are some pictures of the ones I currently own (I actually have all the colors of the American version now and I have all the colors of the two Japanese version, including the two white versions):

American Angels (yellow, white, blue, pink)

Japanese Angels (pink, white duck, blue, white butt)

I sold this white Angel since I already have the off-white gold shell, which I thought was prettier:

Here are some comparison photos so that you can see that the different shell designs of the American and Japanese:

Here are the European angels that I recently ordered. I'm still missing the yellow version, but I have the other three:

After I get the yellow Euroepan angel I'm going to stop buying angels :P

Here are some characters I've gotten.

Here are two pets that do not have packages. The white one I bought used on ebay without a package for about $10, and the other one is a damaged pink version that I accidentally broke a long time ago. It was the European version.

This is a picture of my very first angel that I accidentally put through the washing machine. It is yellow and very damaged, but still has the box.

There is a rumor that there is a gold tinted white version of the Japanese, but I'm not certain if it is an actual rare shell or just sun damaged. Mine happens to be gold tinted, and when I opened it up it was gold throughout the entire shell, even the inside of the Tamagotchi, and the buttons are still completely white, indicating that the shell has not been sun damaged. If it is a fake gold tint, then the seller I got it from would have had to go to great lengths to fake it by completely taking another tamagotchi apart, extracting the buttons to put them in the angel, and then taking the angel apart and setting all the parts in the sun equally to get the exact same shade of gold tint. From what I can tell the Tamagotchi was never used or taken apart (except by me), so I'm inclined to believe that it may be a rare gold tinted white version, especially since the icons are different. There's no way to know for sure, though.


Japanese Tamagotchi angels are currently running for around $30-40ish. Apparently an American Angel has become super rare or special for some reason, so they are running higher in the $80-200 range (I think $200 is kind of ridiculous...). The European angels are a bit more rare so they go for around $100-200 as well. I was lucky enough to get my European angels for $20 each :) At this point, if you don't want to spend a ton of money, I would buy a Japanese one. They are just as cute and function exactly the same, even have a couple of extra characters. They are just in Japanese. If you are familiar with how Tamagotchis work, they are not difficult to navigate.

Angelgotchi Growth Chart

(Note: if this is your chart and you would like it taken down, please notify me as soon as possible and I will comply!)


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