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Gengintchi is a Tamagotchi that is based on a Japanese movie about cavemen. I'm not sure what the movie is called, but I want to see it lol The characters are super cute in my opinion, but I have never taken the time to fully raise this one. It is a little more needier than the other tamagotchis, but not nearly as bad as the Oceangotchi. Also the sounds are different and they bug me a little bit because its really loud heheh. I still think it was worth collecting though :)

Here is a picture of the one I currently own:


I bought mine for about $35, but I could be wrong. I know it was somewhere in in the $30-40 range. Not terribly expensive for such a unique, rare Tamagotchi. Last I saw they were still in the lower $42-55ish range. If you like special edition Tamagotchis this is a nice addition at that price. If I had known the sound was so annoying then I probably wouldn't have bought it though, because I rarely play with it. Still nice to show off though XD

Genjintchi Growth Chart

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