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I am an avid virtual pet collector. I love all sorts of virtual pets. This is a website I've made to showcase my collection. I hope to keep collecting and posting pictures. For now I am posting pictures and entries about the pets I've already collected. I've been collecting since the pets first came out in the 90's. This website used to be found at, but geocities has been shut down by Yahoo! so I moved the site to :) You can also join and post in the dreamwidth Virtual Pet community here: [community profile] tamagotchis. You can view an archived version of the old website here: Tamagotchiocean.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

For timely updates regarding the availability of the site and other recent stuff, please subscribe to my twitter account!:
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All images and content hosted on this account are mine, unless stated otherwise (even the icons), so please ask for permission to repost them and credit me if you plan to use them. If you find an image which I have accidentally forgotten to credit as belonging to you or someone else, please, contact me as soon as possible so that I may either remove the image or give credit where credit is due. All of the reviews and descriptions of each virtual pet were authored by me and I will not tolerate plagiarism. If I find that any of my content has been plagiarized I will take action to have it removed from the offending website. You may notice some images contain a watermark that says "", "", "" or "". These are all my current/former domains, so rest assured the images are my property. Please send me your requests and concerns regarding this matter to tamagotchiocean [at] yahoo [dot] com. I check this e-mail regularly so your concerns will be addressed ASAP. The current URL is I was able to get it back free of charge!

NOTE: Each virtual pet review page contains a section titled "Price". This section details how much I bought my pet for and how much similar pets are currently selling for on eBay. This section is NOT a sales advertisement for my pets. I am not selling any pets at this time, but if I do I will make an announcement about it on my twitter and post a link to eBay. I will never make a transaction outside of PayPal. Thanks for reading!

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