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I saw these watch pets on eBay a long time ago and thought they looked cute because who wouldn't want a virtual pet as a watch? Well, turns out they suck more than other watch pets. For one, the paint comes off really easy, on both the strap and the shell. Secondly, every time I set these pets down on a surface they would reset. I'm not sure if it was due to loose wiring or battery door or what, but it got to be annoying so I finally gave up on them. Not just one, but both had this problem :( The irony is that the packaging specifically says "Shock Resistant"! LOL In what universe? Maybe I can tweak them sometime and try playing again, but for now I'll just say they strike me as pretty similar to any other gyaoppi-type pets, so nothing unique. I give these pets a 1 out of 10 for being such poor quality and not even playable. Stay away from these! I will update this if I find a fix, but until then, don't bother!

Pictures of the ones I have:

I got these both together for $5.99 combined on eBay. They can still be found for very cheap, mostly because they are crummy. Don't bother buying these!

Growth Chart:
I do not have a growth chart, but I am going to assume it is much like a Gyaoppi growth pattern.


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