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Don't let the size of this picture fool you. The Dekatama is huge! It is about 4 times bigger than a regular Tamagotchi and has a huge screen and way bigger pixels. What's the point? Well, it's not meant to be played with like a regular Tamagotchi. It's actually meant to be used with the Akai and Ketai Tamagotchis (cell phone Tamagotchis). You can use this thing to rack up TONS of points really fast to be transferred over to your Keitai or Akai. There's also a cute character on it that you can buy furniture and a house and other items for. It's pretty interesting to say the least. It's also a little difficult to use because it is a Japanese Tamagotchi so everything is in Japanese. You need detailed instructions to figure this thing out. It's so big that it has a stand to hold it up and has a switch to turn the sound on and off. I rarely play with it, but I think it's worth having if you have a Keitai or Akai. NOTE: It does not connect to cell phones even though it has an antenna, oddly enough.

This Deka (also known as the "Home" Deka) is basically a smaller version of the giant Deka tamagotchis that could be found in Japanese malls when the Connections first came out. Basically you could go to the mall and connect your Tamagotchi to this giant Tamagotchi to get all kinds of items. The mall edition is much much bigger and is probably one of the most rare Tamagotchis. I have seen it sold on eBay only a few times and it was hundreds of dollars! So you are better off with a cheaper Home Deka

Here is a picture of the one I currently own. It came with my Akai when I bought it on eBay:


I bought mine together with an Akai for a total of $150, but you can buy a Deka separate for about $40-50 right now. Right now I see one available for $16 with $12 shipping. There is usually always one or two that can be found online somewhere for sale at any given moment :)


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Welcome to the Tamagotchi Ocean! I am an avid collector of virtual pets, including the original Japanese Tamagotchi. Have a look around at my collection, comment and feel free to ask any and all questions (you must create an account to comment and all comments require approval). News updates, logs and other virtual pet information can be found in the sidebar on the left! :) Have a great day!

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