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These came out around the time of the original Tamagotchis. They are by Sanrio, the company that produces Hello Kitty collectibles. The aim of the game is to get Hello Kitty ready for her big date. Depending on how she starts out, you need to either help her lose weight or gain weight. She also needs beauty sleep or her date will think she's ugly. If you don't take care of Hello Kitty's needs, her date will reject her and she will never get a boyfriend. I have never played this the whole way through because I found the whole concept to be a little silly and confusing. That said, the Hello Kitty is cute, so whatever floats your boat. Also, you can't find these in English. They are only in Japanese I think. Which makes things even more confusing lol Oh well, it's a nice addition to my collection.

Here is a picture of the one I currently own:


My sister got this for about $12 I believe. She gave it to me so I'm not entirely sure. Right now I see one on eBay for $65. They are kind of rare, so I don't think you'll find them very often.


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