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The Tamagotchi P's, released only in Japan, is a very special kind of color screen Tamagotchi. It features a whole new shell design and involves a lot of customizability and special features. One of these features is the cute little heart on the front, which is not just there for decoration. It detaches to reveal a tiny little port where you can plug in what are called "Pierces". There are several Pierces available for purchase, and each one contains different games and themes that are unlocked when you plug the Pierces into the Tamagotchi. Some Tamagotchi fans have managed to transfer lots of different items using the Tamagotchi's IR port (infrared) with an older cell phone with IR capabilities. Many users have made their own backgrounds for both the P's and the iD L Tamagotchis. Some people have managed to get the Pierce capabilities to stay stored on the Tamagotchi without the Pierce being plugged in. Others have made patches that can be transferred with the IR port so that the Tamagotchi can be read in English. I would compare the Pierces to the figurines that attach to the Tama-Go and I think Bandai had that idea in mind. Most collectors would consider this to be the most advanced Tamagotchi. Some P's came with extra Pierces, while others came by themselves with Pierces available for purchase separately. The some P's sets includes a Pierce and a multi-colored shell P's. While I like this Tamagotchi because I think it is the prettiest, I don't actually own any Pierces to attach to it, so I can't really comment on them much. This Tamagotchi also comes in a very simple box, whereas previous boxes were a lot more complicated to open.

Here are some pictures of the one I own:

I got mine for about $55 around the time they first came out and they still tend to go for about that much, sometimes $10 more or less. The cheapest I've seen them lately was for $35, but usually these things skyrocket in price after they have been discontinued, so I wouldn't be surprised if they shoot up in price a year or two from now.

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