Dec. 2nd, 2014 10:48 am
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The Dinopet is a pretty basic pet with some extremely cute animations that I've never seen in any other pet. It plays your basic games, and does all the regular functions that most vintage pets do. Instead of filling hearts you fill a bar in the health meters. The coolest part is that you can actually speed up the growth so that it goes through the entire life cycle in a day, for those who are impatient. I personally don't like doing that because then it becomes too needy and beeps a lot. I really love the shell because it has the texture of what a dinosaur egg is supposed to look like. There is also a version with a white egg shell. I've also seen it in a regular looking translucent shell, too, but with the same packaging, so I assume it's the same pet. You can see them on eBay every now and then. I will post directions below that will give a pretty thorough idea of what all the functions are like. I give this pet a 9 out of 10 because it is cute, unique and has lots of growth possibilities. My own complaint is I think the gold paint looks a little cheap, like it might rub off, so I recommend getting the white shell version, and also the logo isn't printed onto the pet. It's just a sticker that was clearly slapped on, so it looks like it will easily come off. Not exactly a high quality shell design lol

Pictures of the one I have:


I got mine for about $9.99 in an auction on eBay. As you can see the sticker indicates that it originally sold for $14.99, but it is no longer in stores so sellers are going to charge what they want. I typically see this pet being sold for about $20ish, which still isn't too bad of a deal.

Directions and Growth Chart:


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