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The V5.5 is the second edition of the Family Tamagotchi (V5). It consists of different characters and games that are "celebrity" (or "Royal" in Japan) themed. I personally really enjoy the games on this version because there is a Tennis game, and I love Tennis lol There isn't much to say about this version that hasn't been said about the V5 already, so I won't bother writing much else. The version I got is a very rare prototype that was meant to be blank so that actual celebrities could sign it, but it was never officially released by Bandai. I bought it from a seller on eBay, but I doubt they are selling anymore of them. It didn't come with a box since it's a prototype. The shell is a beautiful pearlescent white :) It is the equivalent of the Royal Familitchi (Japanse version).

Here are some pictures of the one I have:

I got mine for about $45, but the price was fluctuating the last time I saw them for sale because the seller was doing auctions instead of "buy it now".
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The Iro Iro Tamagotchi is the Japanese version of the Familitchi, also known as the v5 connection. I've been playing with this one for awhile and it is very similar to the American v5. They have the exact same characters, exact same animations, exact same items/foods, and exact same games. Usually Japanese are very different from American tamagotchis, but in this case they are VERY similar. The only real differences I know of is that the beeping noises are a bit softer, and there is not vacation pause feature. You have to pause like all the other Japanese Tamagotchis, simply by leaving the time in "SET" mode. The outer design is different in that the antenna has been replaced with a lock and key. This makes sense to me because it is a "keychain pet", after all. Some of the Japanese shell designs have also carried over to America which pleases me :) It also comes with a DVD, which I have not been able to figure out because everything is in Japanese and I simply don't have the motivation to look up instructions. Another feature I really love about the v5 and Iroiro is that they have contrast adjustment for the screen. Pretty cool!

Here are some pictures of the one I currently own:

I no longer own this pink one because I sold it to someone in Tamagotchi Traders facebook group since I never really liked the shell design very much:


I bought mine with the Tamagotchi CD for computers for about $52. They are significantly cheaper now, going at $27-29 with a disc. A really great addition to one's collection of Connection Tamagotchis.

Iro Iro Character/Growth Chart

A growth chart can be found here!
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This is by far one of the best Connection tamas ever! You get to raise 3 characters on one screen as a family! Hence the chimney because it's like they live in a little house under one roof ^_^ They have 4 different games. Two of which you can play on a regular basis. In order to unlock the other two games you must have a father and mother figure present. Your tamagotchis grow up together, and eventually form their own families. You get different families depending on how your characters bond with eachother. It's a little confusing at first, but there are plenty of forums online where you can find information on how to get certain families.

What's new? Instead of a shop where you buy items, there is a shopping tv station on your Tamagotchi. There are three channels: 1) shopping, 2) dating show and 3) travel channel. When you go to the dating show at too young of an age, the Match Maker will yell at you and shut the tv off lol If you choose the travel channel, your tamagotchis go on a family vacation which is the same as pausing your regular Tamagotchi. You won't need to care for them when this function is activated because they are "away on holiday" so to speak :P Also instead of a discipline feature, there is a "family bonding" feature. When your tamagotchis beep for seemingly no reason it means they want to interact with each other. Depending on how you care for the family they will aspire to different talents such as intelligence or creativity doing art. It's really awesome. There's so much to explain about this version of the connection that it's not even funny. The downfall is that this newest version can only connect to other v5s. But on the plus side you can still connect to the brand new v5 website at TamaTalk.com just like with the v3 and v4. You can also input special passwords in your v5 to get free items. The best thing is that you can keep these items forever. Even food! Once again the antenna is a little annoying in my opinion, but all the new stuff more than makes up for it! :D

Here is a picture of the one I currently own:


Going for really cheap at $20-30 brand new. Auctions can be really cheap too. Just don't pay more than $17 if you do an auction cause then you may as well have just done Buy It Now.

Connection v5 Character/Growth Chart

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