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Osutchi and Mesutchi are the very first mating connection Tamagotchis! They were way before their time. You hook them up at the top just like with the Digimons. When they are old enough they can mate and have babies. The female sends one baby over to the male so that you can continue raising a new baby on each one and the generations continue. You can only have a female baby on a female and a male baby on a male. This way they can hook up again and make more babies when they grow up too (which now that I think about it is sort of creepy and incestuous O_O)! I think these are some of the prettiest tamagotchis I've ever seen. Other than that they pretty much function just like a regular tamagotchi, except gender is included this time. The screen is also a little bit wider. When you want to connect them you take the shell tops off. They have a lot more characters than other vintage Tamagotchis

Here are some pictures of the ones I currently own:

(I sold the blue and pink pair awhile back because I never really liked those shells. I feel a little sad since they were my first pair, but oh well, I have three other pairs so there's really no need for so many more when I never liked them in the first place lol)


I got my pair for about $42. They now run in the $50-150 range or higher. You can probably buy each separately for cheaper total. Can't guarantee you'll find matching ones, though. If you think about it $50ish isn't so bad because it's for two of them, not just one. A very good deal in my opinion :)

Osu/Mesutchi Growth Chart


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