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I decided to take some pictures of my collection a couple days ago. I have a lot more virtual pets than I thought I had, but I also don't have as many as I thought ;) Hopefully the money will start rolling in soon so that I can continue :) I haven't bought any new virtual pets in... just over a year :P

My very first Tamagotchi (not first virtual pet) was a Tamagotchi Angel. My mom bought it for me when I got really good grades on my report card. I had already owned other virtual pets in the past, but this was my first Tamagotchi, and what better way to start than with an Angel? Sadly, when I was in 8th grade a few years later I restarted my Angel, but then i forgot to take it out of my pocket and it was put through the washing machine :( After that my dad bought my sister and I each a pink Tamagotchi Angel. Mine was an American one in the American packaging, but I accidentally left it at a friend's house and I never saw that friend again because he lived really far away. Then my sister gave me hers (the pink one below), but I accidentally dropped it in a bucket of fish water about 4 years ago. So I have really bad luck with Angelgotchis lol Fortunately I have a whole new collection of Angels now :) Here are the broken ones I still have:

I decided to take three separate pictures of my entire collection since I don't have a whole lot of space on the floor in my room. The first picture is of all my non-Tamagotchi Virtual pets.

*In the back row is an "Elapet", which I didn't like. I bought it a long time ago when I was sick and didn't have any other toys to play with because they were all bagged up until I got better. The elepet would have been a fine pet to play with, but every time I would set it down it would just restart, so it became frustrating to play with and I gave up on it. Fortunately it was only $3 at the time because it was when virtual pets were going out of style. I kept it for spare parts in case my other virtual pets get damaged since tehre is no way for me to play with it anyway.

*The middle pet in the back row is a "Sweet Baby". It is unlike any other virtual pet I have ever seen. It doesn't use traditional pixels, but instead has shapes and lines that combine in different combinations to form the character as it grows. I'm not sure how to play with it because I haven't had time to use it since I bought it. Now that I have time I will be trying it out soon. My sister originally owned the exact same pet which she also bought for $3 back when virtual pets were going out of style. Later she either lost it or gave it away. I saw the exact same pet and bought it on eBay for nostalgic reasons :)

*The third pet in the back row is my Gyaoppi 9in1, one of my favorite virtual pets by far. I had bought three of this exact same pet around the same time I bought the other two in that row, each for $3. I gave two to my siblings, and kept the other one for myself. Later I gave that one to my other sibling. About 4 years ago I found it on eBay again and bought it for nostalgic reasons :) I would have preferred a different color, but I guess grey was the only color the seller had.

*The fourth pet is the Multi-pet 8in1. This was the second type of virtual pet I ever owned. Originally I had the heart shaped version, but I think I either traded it or gave it away for one reason or another. About 6 years ago a former friend gave me the one you see above.

*The two pets in the long packages on the left side I bought on eBay a couple of years ago. They restart every time I set them down, just like the Elapet, so I never got to raise them. At least I got some batteries out of the scenario, though, and the pets were only $5 each, so no big deal. They are a dinosaur and a duck character. Its too bad because they would have made cute watch pets.

*In the second row is a green pet, which I think was called "Cute Pet". It looked interesting and it was pretty cheap, so I bought it on eBay. I think it is similar to Tamagotchi characters from what I can tell.

*The white heart shaped pet is an "Electronic Pocket Chicken", which looked sort of similar to a Dinkie Dino with the icons going up and down the side. I still haven't played with it, but I will eventually when I put a review up. I bought it on eBay for pretty cheap.

*The Yuki Pengin was bought on eBay for pretty cheap. It is one of my favorite pets.

*The yellow Dinkie Dino was given to me by my sister, which she had gotten when she was younger when virtual pets were in style.

*The Aqua Palz pet on the right side is a Dolphin that I bought on eBay for pretty cheap. When I received it the batteries were dead, so I didn't get a chance to play with it yet.

*The teal Nano-puppy is actually a Nano Kitty in a Nano Puppy box (I couldn't find the kitty box, so I just put it in a puppy box lol), and it was given to me about 5 years ago by my mom as a gift after my choir concert. She also gave me a Nano-puppy, which I gave to my sister, and my first Tamagotchi connection, which was a V2 :)

*The orange Nano-kitty, which is the vintage design, I bought on eBay for $25ish about 3 years ago or so. So its a very recent pet, but I did have the exact same pet a long time ago, which I gave to a friend because I got tired of it. Later I asked her if she still wanted it, and she gave me a Gigakitty instead, thinking that was the pet I gave her. I wasn't disappointed, but it was kind of silly lol

*The Giga pet Compu Kitty next to the Nano kitty is a pet I bought for about $25. The original Compu Kitty, which had the Nano programming back in the day, was the very first virtual pet I ever saw and played with. My friend let me borrow it. I was given one with the newer programming by another friend a few years later, as I stated above, but later gave it away to someone I think. A couple of years ago I bought the one with the newer programming on eBay. It is one of my favorite pets. Both the Rugrats giga and he Little Mermaid giga next to the Kitty were also bought about 2 years ago for a few bucks on ebay.

*The Toy Story virtual pet was a pet that was one of my sister's first virtual pets. Later she either traded it or gave it away or lost it. Then a few years ago I bought this one on eBay for pretty cheap.

*The bunny virtual toy was something I bought on eBay a couple years ago. To be quite honest I have no idea how it works or what its for. It just looked really cute and it was kinda cheap. It is a Japanese toy, so if anyone has any info on how it works, let me know! It is super cute :)

*The Hello Kitty pet was a pet that was bought by my dad on eBay for my sister a long time ago when we were in middle school. We had no idea how it worked at the time. My sister gave it to me a couple of years ago because she didn't know how it worked.

*The Keroppi pet was a pet I bought on eBay about a year and a half ago for pretty cheap. I had been eyeing it for quite a long time... probably 10 years, but didn't buy it until recently.

*The Honey Bear in the bottom right corner is a pet I bought about a year and a half ago. Originally my sister and I had a pink one, which was given to us by our cousin. The one given to us was sort of broken, so I bought this one on eBay to see what it was like, but it didn't have a battery so I still haven't played with it. From what I remember it was pretty cute, though. We'll see when I put up a review about it.

I will be posting more pictures of my Tamagotchis later. For now this entry will just be about the broken Angels and my non-Tamagotchi pets


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