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Ocean Tamagotchi was the last of the vintage tamagotchis to be released in the United States. Whilst Bandai discontinued Tamagotchis in the U.S., Japan was still getting new versions for awhile. The Japanese Ocean tamagotchi is called an "Umi No". I personally really love the American designs better though :) Just like the Angel, the Oceangotchi has a touch screen feature. When your character is trying to sleep, a polar bear sometimes tries to attack the defenseless little guy. So you have to tap the screen to scare the polar bear away. It also includes a new meter which tells you how dirty the water is in your tama's habitat. Oceangotchis are the HARDEST to take care of . I'm not sure why, but as an aquarist I know first hand that fish are super hard to maintain and keep from dying. They come with a whole host of diseases that you never see in regular pets. That could explain why the Umino is so difficult. Another feature I dislike is when you trying to play games, an octopus will sometimes surprise you and squirt ink into your Tamagotchis water. This makes it so all the skulls are filled up, meaning the water is super dirty. You will need to clean it four times. There is no way to predict when this will happen, so i try not to even play the game because it will sometimes happen many times in a row or not for awhile. I just feed it ice cream to keep its happiness filled up. It is a very unusually hard pet to care for. I'm surprised when it lasts even a few days, but that said in my opinion it has the cutest Tamagotchi characters of all time :)

Here is a picture of the one I currently own:


My Umino was about $30. You can find them for around $40-50 now. Get one now before they sky rocket. I guarantee you they will. It's a bad ecomony, folks, so people gotta get rid of their Tamagotchis and they want good prices for them apparently XD I see about 5-8 of them on eBay at any given time, so they'll probably be around for awhile. The American ones go for about $200-225. Wouldn't bother with that one unless you have the cash to just throw away. At any rate, they are only found once in a great while because they are super rare. So if you find one and buy it, I am in awe of your Tamagotchi Magic Powers.

Umino Growth Chart

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