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Jun. 4th, 2013 11:08 am
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These are the same as the Hitorriko Dinosaur. Here's my review after playing with it for a week:

They are essentially a Dinkie Dino style sort of pet. The icons go up and down the sides instead of on the top and bottom rows like most other virtual pets.

The Dinosaur has four buttons. The first button is for browsing through the menu. The second icon is "escape", which gets you out of a menu or feature. The third button is for checking its health meters. The fourth button is for pressing "enter" or for checking the time when no other options are selected.

Just like a Dinkie Dino, the icons go up the sides. On the left side the first icon is a food icon, which gives the choice between an apple, a carrot or a fish. I've been feeding it only carrots to see what character I get. The characters have not been very cute so far. Actually it doesn't look much like a dinosaur, but maybe I'll run through it again to see if I can get some other dinosaur-looking characters. It has grown about 3 times. Depending on how much you feed it, you will fill up the happiness meter, which looks like a bowl of rice.

The second icon on the left side is for a back-and-forth game. Like a Tamagotchi you simply guess which direction it will stop. You use the first and fourth button to choose the direction. The game does not end unless you press the "escape" button (second button). Depending on how many times you go through it and win you will fill up the happiness meter, which looks like a heart.

The third icon on the left side is for when it is sick. So far after a week my pet has not been sick at all, which is weird, but I guess I'm fine with that. I do not know what it looks like when it gets sick, so I can't describe this any further.

The fourth icon on the left is the discipline icon. This basically makes you pet study so that its study meter goes up. The icon looks like a little book and corresponds to the book picture when you press the checking button.

The fifth icon on the left side is another game. This is a game of dice and you must use the first and fourth buttons to decide how high or low the dice will come out as. If you hit the fourth button then you are guessing higher (4-6). If you hit the first button then you are guessing lower (1-3). Like the other game, you can play it for as long as you want without it stopping or giving you a score. The happiness meter will fill up each time you get a correct result.

On the right side the first button is for the air conditioner. I'm not sure what this feature does. The pet has never shown any indication of need the temp changed. Perhaps this function will determine the growth outcome of your pet. For instance, if the temp stays high then it may affect which characters you get compared to when the temp stays low. I really don't know yet.

The second icon on the right is a pooper scooper for cleaning its poop. This pet poops constantly! When it poops it just shows two large piles of poop on the screen, and the character is not on the screen. Every time it poops the food meter will deplete a little bit.

There is another hidden icon on the right, but I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps it lights up when all of the meters are empty, but I've never let the meters get empty, so that may be why I've never seen it.

The last icon on the right is the lights icon, and you use the first and fourth buttons to change the option of on and off.

Overall I give this pet a 3 out of 10. It functions perfectly fine, but the shell isn't particularly cute and the music is a bit annoying since it poops constantly! The pet basically just stays in one place on the screen (like a Dinkie dino) and shows it breathing or moving in an up and down motion like a Dinkie Dino, but less cute. The background is just plain and grey, but it has a nice hard plastic screen that won't get easily damaged. I would not suggest this pet to anyone, but I'll keep it anyway in case I feel like playing with it again. Its not the worst pet I've played, but its not exactly entertaining either. I would say its main draw is that its easy to care for and does not die easily.

Here are some pictures of the one I own:

This one costed $19.99. Not worth the money, but oh well. I haven't really seen these on ebay except for one other seller who was selling a used one. The one I got was brand new, unopened in package.

Growth Chart:

I do not have a growth chart. I will look for one. For now you can visit this website to see someone else's description: http://www.tamenagerie.com/odd10.html
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The Chicken is a pet I bought on eBay over a year ago. It is basically just like any other Hitorriko pet with the exact same functions. It has icons that go up and down the side like the Dinkie pets. The pet has big pixels and the characters stay pretty stationary except for some minor movements. It eats a burger, some kind of dessert and a drink. It plays a "back-and-forth" guessing game. The third icon is for medicine. Fourth icon is for studying. Five icon is for a dice guessing game. Sixth icon on the right side is temperature. I have never had to change the temperature so I'm not sure if it does anythig regarding that. Seventh icon is for the toilet. The eight icon only shows up when the pet is hungry (its an arrow). I'm not sure why this icon exists since it already has an attention icon for when it needs something. The ninth icon is for the light and the last icon is for when it beeps for attention.

This pet poops A LOT. So did the Hitorriko dinosaur I have (Pocket Pal).

The transformations on this one started out as a chicken. It transformed twice and still looked like what could pass for a chicken, but then out of nowhere it transformed again and turned into this random Mametchi looking character O_o (pictures below). While this is cute and not a huge disappointment, I just wonder why they designed it to be this way. I will try raising it one more time to see if I get anything else that resembles a chicken. Pretty silly. After playing with the Hitorrikos a bit more I would give them a 7 out of 10. While they are not particularly creative, they are easy to care for, at least somewhat cute and the transformations are interesting, albeit random. Since they are relatively cheap I would recommend this pet. My major complaint is that the shell design is so cheap with cheap plastic and a screen that is not covered with an extra layer of plastic. The screen is also really embedded so there is always a shadow on one side when looking at it. Not a huge deal, but not exactly aesthetically pleasing the way most Tamagotchis are designed.

I think I may try to collect the fish and puppy at some point, or any other Hitorrikos that may exist.

Here are some pictures of the one I have:

The Chicken

I bought this for about $20 on eBay and they still seem to go for about that same price.

Growth Chart:

I do not have a growth chart.


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