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This little watch pet is probably one of the cutest dinosaur virtual pets to ever exist. It goes from one chubby dino stage to the next, never decreasing in cuteness along the way. The problem? It dies easily for some reason :( It has the exact same programming as the Honey Bear, but for some odd reason if you don't pay super careful attention to it, it will die. I've actually run it a few times and have never successfully made it to adulthood. I even had it right next to me a few times and it would die randomly. It's kinda like an Oceangotchi in that regard. Other than that unfortunate detail, it is actually one of the cutest virtual pets I own. Here is a video for those who are having trouble understanding how to work this pet, because I've noticed that many people were having a hard time:


Here are some photos of the one I own:


These aren't particularly rare pets. I think I got mine for around $18. They still go for about this much and come in all kinds of different color shell designs. There are some that are just a keychain and others that are a watch, like this one. They can run from anywhere between $10-30. Keep your eye out for a cheap one out of package :)


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