Dec. 15th, 2014 01:49 pm
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I'm not sure if this pet has any other name, but it just says "Dragon" on the front. This is a pretty basic pet and it's very cute. The beeping is soft and cute, the animations are cute and the game is cute (kind of like a P1 game). I haven't been able to get it past the first couple of days because it keeps dying on me, so I wouldn't categorize it as an "easy" pet. It's probably about medium care requirement for this one. Just pay attention to it often and it should be fine. Ignoring it all day will probably result it in it dying. I like the shell on this one and the buttons are easy to press. It's a minimalist shell design and I like how the buttons are a soft pink. You can also turn the sound off on this if you want. There's not a whole lot to say except that it's a pretty average pet and pretty cute. They are fairly common on eBay right now. They only seem to come in a white shell and a shell with some flowers on it. I've also seen a duck version, but I'm not sure what that's like.

Pictures of the one I own:

I got mine for about $19. They still go for about that much on eBay right now.

Growth Chart:

The growth chart can be seen on the picture of the package.


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