Dec. 13th, 2014 11:33 am
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The Dinokun, not to be confused with Rakuraku Dinokun (Dinkie Dino), is possibly the most annoying virtual pet I have ever played with. There are some good things about it, such as the fact that it has completely unique gameplay and characters, but other than that it is a terrible pet. Here is why: It beeps CONSTANTLY... it just constantly chirps whenever for basically no good reason, and the characters are pretty ugly, despite being unique. Funnily enough, despite the fact that it beeps constantly, since it doesn't actually need anything it is actually okay to neglect it for most of the day and it won't die. The worst part... you can't turn the sound off! OMG this thing annoyed me so hardcore. I literally had to put it under a pillow for most of the day just to raise it, and then I would occasionally check it to make sure it wasn't dying. *sigh* I give this pet a 2 out of 10 for being unique, but also highly flipping annoying! There is no justification for how irritating this pet is!

Here are pictures of the one I own:


I bought this for about $15. I've never seen this particular pet on sale anywhere else, so I can't say how much it's going for now.

Growth Chart:

I don't have the will to make a growth chart because this thing is so annoying to take care of. Just know that the characters are not cute...


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