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This virtual pet came out around the time of the first generation tamagotchis. It is also by Bandai. It is a fighting Tamagotchi and connects manually to other digimons to gain fighting power. There is also a show called Digimon which has the same characters as this virtual pet and was based on the virtual pet! I managed to get two around the time the vintage virtual pets were going out of style, but now they are very rare. I give this virtual pet an 8 out of 10 for having a unique connection concept and cute characters, but other than that its not too much more of an interesting pet than a regular vintage Tamagotchi and it doesn't have a "pause" feature, so I would not suggest that it is a "must have" for one's collection unless you're just really into Digimon :)

Here are some pictures of the ones I currently own:


About a year after these came out I got two of them for my birthday and they were only $5 because they were on sale. Now they are super expensive. Not entirely certain why, but recently Digimons have shot up in price drastically. The Japanese ones run in the $60-80 range, and the American versions run in the $100-270 range. There are actually tons more Digimon available on eBay than at any other time I've seen them, so I do not understand why the price is so high :/ Make sure you know what you're doing before buying these virtual pets.

Digimon Growth Chart

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