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This is a Sanrio pet of Keroppi the frog. Keroppi is one of my favorite characters by Sanrio (mostly because green is my favorite color). I was wanting this pet for a very, very long time. I had seen it on eBay for years and years and finally got money to buy it. There seems to be a few different colors that I know of shell design. I got the opaque green design. While the shell design is adorable and I like how it is shaped like Keroppi's head, I do not particularly like the gameplay. Much like the Hello Kitty pet, it doesn't seem to go by the same rules of the average virtual pet. Here are some directions from tamasquare.

Here are some pictures of the one I have:

Price and where to buy:

I got this one on ebay for about $25. You only see one or two on eBay a few times a year and they are still going for around the same price of $25-30ish. Just keep checking periodically and you'll come across one.


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