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This is a list of Tamagotchis and other virtual pets that I don't own, but I wish to collect one day.

V5.5 Celebrity Tamagotchi

V5 Family Tamagotchi

Tama Depa Familitchi

Snacks Family Tamagotchi

Pizza-La Familitchi

Bit Critter Giga Pet

Any type of double Nano (anything except a kitty, dog or baby)

Z-pets (doesn't matter which ones)

Ku Ma Taro Bear

American Oceangotchi

Digimon (any version except V1)

Australian Connexion V1

Zebra Connexion V2

Blue Bubbles Connexion V2

Asian Connexion V2

Argos V6 Music Star

Pocket Chick (no picture yet)

Hitorriko panda, etc (they come in all different sorts of shells)

Heart Tune

Special edition 2005 Keitai pair

Special edition JAL Akai Keitai pair

Silver gotchi points Akai Keitai

Blue Strawberry-Apple CIAO Akai Keitai Tamagotchi

Black Pirate Akai Keitai

Special edition Hanabi Tamagotchi Angel (all three colors)

Special edition Japanese Airlines P1 Tamagotchi

Special edition Japanese Airlines P2 Tamagotchi

Original white shell Tamagotchi P1 *the very first Tamagotchi ever released*

All orange P2 Tamagotchi

Blue Yasashii

Special edition Anniversary Tamagotchi 4U

4U+ (not sure which color yet)

Blue Australian Constellation V3

Yellow Reindeer V3

Winter Treats V3

Purple shooting star V3 (not sure which region, but maybe Australia)

Orange rainbow Uratama

Purple jewel Uratama

Professor Frog Uratama

Blue Bubbles V4/V4.5

Blue clouds Entama

Christmas edition Entama set

Jal edition Entama

Baby Change pierce for Tamagotchi P's

Berry Sweets pierce for Tamagotchi P's

Hello Kitty pierce for Tamagotchi P's

Special edition Tamagotchi iD Melody version

Any version of Neopets

Nakamichi Dino (any color)

My Baby Bat (any color)

Kuchipatchi Watch

Takara Neko Unjyatta

and that's about it. I'm not too intent on collecting anything else, but if I get the chance I will one day.


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