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Despite how many Tamagotchis I currently own, my collection is not complete. There are a number of Tamagotchi I would like to own but can't collect, either because they are way too expensive or too rare to find. There are also pets I simply do not wish to collect because they don't seem that interesting. Here's a list with some pictures so you can get an idea. Most of them are pretty rare/expensive. I won't be giving reviews because I wouldn't know anything about most of them since I've either never seen or don't wish to own them. I'm missing a lot from this list because a number of newer Tamagotchis have been released, so please send me a message if you have any info you would like to share :D :

American Oceangotchi- While I would definitely love to own this Tama, it doesn't seem feasible. The designs are cute and its in English language, but it is very rare and can cost upwards of $300 these days. Also, it is so hard to care for that it is simply not worth buying. I already have the Japanese version, so it seems superfluous to get the English edition in light of these facts.

TamaOch- The characters are based on some Japanese actress. I'm not interested in getting this one, and I've heard the care level is super difficult.

Tamagotchi School- Not sure what the point of this one is. Just to send your character to school? Seems a little boring if you ask me *shrug* I don't plan on collecting it :P

Kakeibo- I think this one goes with the Entama (Cho Jinsei). Probably like how the Home deka goes with the Keitai, but I could be wrong. It has to do with accounting I think, so doesn't seem interesting to me.

Tamagotchi Color Hexagon- This is a variation on the +Color with only a couple different characters. Don't know if there are different features, though. I've heard it's very Japanese text-heavy, so it is difficult to play with. Won't be buying.

Tamagotchi ID- I'm assuming this is the second edition of the Tamagotchi Color. It looks prettier than the original. I decided not to collect this one because I don't think it has very many particularly cute characters. But I recommend it if you want a Tamagotchi with lots of customization features in the game-play.

Tamagotchi ID L Princess Spacey- Not interested in getting this one because it didn't have enough cute new characters and as far as I can tell it's too similar to the ID L of which I already have two.

Tamagotchi P's Pierces- I now have the Tamagotchi P's, but I don't have any pierces to go along with it. So here's a list of the pierces that are available. Maybe I'll get a few someday, but it's not a priority since the pet functions perfectly fine without them. I'm sure I'm missing a ton from this list.

Melody Land


Fairy Change

Royal Change

Love and Melody

Tama Star Circus

Not sure which one this one is supposed to be.





Aikatisu Dream Academy edition

Tamagotchi M!x- I already own the anniversary edition of the M!x, so I don't see the point in getting any of the regular editions, especially since I don't think their shells are too attractive. However, I do plan to collect the Sanrio edition eventually.

Tamagotchi M!x Dream-


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