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I decided to post a picture of my younger siblings' personal virtual pet collection. It is a small collection so far, but it has some pretty good pieces :)

In the top row from left to right:

* Green Nano Puppy: we obtained this Nano Puppy for only $2 at a swap meet! There were two of them sitting out so we grabbed both and haggled them down to $4 :D I kept the purple one and gave the green one to my sister and brother.

* White Japanese Tamagotchi Angel: This was my first Japanese angelgotchi. What happened was my dad bought me this a long time ago, so I went online to get the blue and pink shells to complete the set. When the angels arrived in the mail, the seller accidentally sent me another white shell instead of blue! I was a little annoyed, but I didn't want to go through the hassle of exchanging or returning, so I just gave my old white one to my sister and kept the new white one (which I later ended up selling). So this is the original white angel from my collection ^_^

* Red Jelly Bean Connection V2: This actually belonged to one of my best friends who also has a Tamagotchi collection, but he doesn't play with them much so he gave me this V2, which I gave to my sister and brother since I already had a V2 and I don't like red shells :P

Second row from left to right:

* Orange Tropical Connection V3: My sister got this shell a long time ago for her birthday, but the original broke one day out of nowhere. It just stopped working, so I bought her this new one to replace it.

* Dark Blue Constellation Connection V3 (VERY RARE): This is a very rare V3 shell which I bought at Target when they first came out. It was the only shell at the store that I liked, but wasn't my favorite. After I bought some other ones online (blue bubbles, zebra and several others), I decided to just give this to my little brother since it is sort of a masculine shell. It's still super cool.

* Light Blue Tropical Connection V4.5: This is yet another one my friend Thomas gave me. I decided to give it to my younger sister since I already have the Globe V4.5. This is by far one of my favorite shells though, so I kind of wish I had kept it, but I wanted them both to have an equal amount of virtual pets :P (they each have 3).

So my brother owns the Nano Puppy, Constellation V3 and Jelly Bean V2; my sister owns the Angelgotchi, orange V3 and V4.5. But I told them they both have to share all of them so they each technically have 6 :P
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So I only have a few more pages to complete before the site is completely up to date. Here is a list of all the things I need to do. These things either require me to do a full writeup review or to take pictures, neither of which I've done yet. All the stuff on the other list has been updated already, with the exception of a few things that need a few more details added to the entries:

* Tamagochan
* Akachan
* 10-in-1 Virtual Buddy (Gyaoppi)
* Teal Hitorriko Fish
* Blue Neopets
* Rikou Rikou Chan
* Mint green Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town edition
* Petocotchi Puppy in a 101 Dalmations shell
* White 8in1 Multi Pets in package
* Orange vintage Nano Baby
* My Baby
* Mulan Fighter
* MGA Bunny
* MGA Dino
* MGA Mermaid
* White Tamagotchi 4U
* White Zebra V3
* Yellow McDonald's keychain Tamagotchi
* White McDonald's Keychain Tamagotchi
* Love Chu 2 pair
* White Snowflake Entama
* Orange Deka for Entama/Uratama
* Blue Super Gyaoppi 9-in-1
* Pink Devilgotchi
* Giga Pound
* Giga Farm
* Jonny Cat Virtual Pet
* White Tamagotchi P's
* Tamagotchi ID Home Station Deka
* 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi M!x
* Sanrio Tamagotchi M!x
* Two 20th Anniversary Digimon
* Yellow Tamagotchi Connection V6 Music Star
* Yellow Digital Panda and Yellow Digital Puppy
* White 20th Anniversary Mini Tamagotchi
* Blue clockface 20th Anniversary Mini Tamagotchi
* Transluscent Blue 20th Anniversary Mini Tamagotchi
* Pink swirls 20th Anniversary Mini Tamagotchi
* White and red 20th Anniversary Mini Tamagotchi
* Pink Flocked 20th Anniversary Mini Tamagotchi
* White P1 re-release
* Lotteria TMGC+
* White Keitai
* White TMGC+
* Fake TMGC+Color
* Milky Pink ID
* 20th Anniversary Gift M!x
* Salem Giga Pet
* Pink Marceron Entama
* Two 20th Anniversary Digimon Pendulum
* Green Hitorikko Dino
* Sony Aquapalz Dolphin (color screen)
* Palm Treo 650 to transfer items using infrared
* Update to the ID L page
* any other updates I end up finding later

Pre-orders on the way:
* Gudetama Sanrio Nano Tamagotchi with cover
* Japanese P1 20th Anniversary re-release
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I just obtained this used Royal Familitchi (Family Tamagotchi) from someone in the Facebook groups and I have to say it is one of the most gorgeous virtual pets I have ever laid eyes on. This version basically functions exactly like the regular Familitchi, except that it has completely different royal characters and different games that are "high class" or "royalty" related, for instance, tennis lol Other than that, there is no difference in programming or gameplay. It is basically just like the V5.5 Tamagotchi, but with a different keychain/antenna on the side. Here are some pictures of the one I have below.

I really love the key hanging off the side :3


I got mine for $35 used from someone on facebook, but they usually go for a lot more in package, maybe around $80-100 depending on the shell. The royal seems a little more rare than the regular family Tamagotchi. The royal shells are more pearlescent, so the shells may be more sought after for that reason.

Growth Chart:

This was made by hidatchi of Tama-Zone. Please follow this link to the original host since I do not have permission to host this image:



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