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So I just spent the past few hours attempting to get pictures off my phone onto my computer, to no avail. I think I'm just going to make a list here of things I need to update so that I don't forget. Strikethrough indicates that a new entry has been made, and bold indicates that an entry has been made but that more information will be added to the entry later.

Content to be added:
* Funny Chick
* Mr. Dino
* Chickpet
* Dinopet
* Teal Dinkie Dino
* Teal 8-in-1 Dinkie pet
* Kadar Babies 2-in-1
* Tamakaci duck and dino
* Dinokun
* Translucent Black and Grey Osu-Mesu pair
* Love Chu pair
* Dragon
* DNA Fish
* 24-in-1 Smart Baby & Pets
* Usawakame
* Australian Soda V3
* Blue bubbles V3
* Purple Nano Puppy
* Asian Nano Baby
* Pocket Puppy
* Blue translucent Australian Stars/UFO V3
* White rainbow Australian V3
* Orange Mini Tamagotchi
* Green Hanerutchi Keitai
* Red Hanerutchi 2 Entama
* Yellow Odenkun
* Comparison between V3 soda shell and Keitai soda shell
* Green Tamagotchi P's
* Baby Blue Tamagotchi Friends
* Green Tamawalkie
* Pearl white V5.5 celebrity
* Giga Koala
* Giga Chimp
* Giga T-Rex
* Giga Puppy
* Giga Looney Tunes
* Mr. Orrr Orrr Dino
* Orange Uniqlo Chibi Tamagotchi
* Hello Kitty Pedometer pet
* Watch Dog
* Watch Dino
* Yellow apples Akai Keitai
* Orange Akai Keitai
* Purple double Nano Puppy and Kitty in a Tata Puppy-Teetee Kitty shell
* Maroon Thinkway Little Mermaid 4-in-1
* Real Tata Puppy
* Talking Nano Baby
* Yellow w/ stars V2
* Second wave Gold Nano Baby
* Nano Salon
* Diaper Dancer Baby
* Frog Pet
* Mothra Tamagotchi (green and white shell)
* Penpy
* Tamagochan
* Akachan
* White pearlescent Akai
* Yellow city Uratama
* Green watermelon Entama
* Pink Flowers Entama
* White pearl Japanese Royal Familitchi
* 10-in-1 Virtual Buddy (Gyaoppi)
* Teal Hitorriko Fish
* Pink Grape Akai
* 101 Dalmations Giga Pet
* Aquapalz Fish
* Blue Neopets
* Yellow leaves Morino Tamagotchi
* Rikou Rikou Chan
* Nano Dino
* Nano Teddy
* Dragonquest
* Mint green Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town edition
* Petocotchi Puppy in a 101 Dalmations shell
* White 8in1 Multi Pets in package
* Orange vintage Nano Baby
* My Baby
* Mulan Fighter
* MGA Bunny
* MGA Dino
* MGA Mermaid
* White Tamagotchi 4U
* Yellow McDonald's keychain Tamagotchi
* Update to the ID L page
* any other updates I end up finding later


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